Monday, January 08, 2007

Jai Tirupati Balaji - An Update

Me and Bro visited Tirupati-Tirumala , the journey was very fulfilling and peaceful. Any visit to a spiritual place gives you a wonderful feeling and a Tirupati surely is the ultimate inner satisfaction for any devotee.
We flew to Chennai then took a 5 hour bus to Tirumala, Stayed at the TTD Guest house.. decent clean rooms at 100 bucks each. Since we dint have the tokens for the darshan we went for the public darshan, We were in the line from 2300 hrs to 1000 am the next day, we slept in the lines bit worried of the pickpockets and the chilling temperature but it was worth the effort. TTD made good arrangement for water and breaker for the pilgrims. Hats off to them.

When one has a few seconds of darshan of Sri Balaji the atmosphere is chaotic and full of energy, there are thousands pushing from behind and you have your one on one darshan with God, one is too stunned at times to say, speak or pray anything but our hearts speak out and every words we say we feel , thanks and mission accomplished. Thank you staying wid me and supporting me all the while.
Thank you Balaji, Sri Venketesa Namah.

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