Saturday, January 13, 2007

Back in Doha.

Landed in Doha today morning at 7 am,My friends Shyjan, Wilson and Harsha we there airport to receive me in their 4x4, was fun to meet the gang again. I kept bags at office and headed to the office... Its been little over 36 hours that I haven't slept, Am really sleepy..thanks to non stop traveling from Bombay to Poona and back via Saki Naka Andheri to Borivali and back to Airport and Doha . I nearly dozed off at work today afternoon.. splashed my face with water 3-4 times to keep my droopy eyes awake.
I spoke to a Real Estate Speculator Friend of mine who has booked some 8 properties in North India. His Modus Operandi book the flats during foundation... I.e pay 2-3 lakhs for a property worth 20 lakhs and keep offloading it after 6 months back to the builder or the real estate broker.  Doing this for 3-4 flats enabled him to buy a full flat.
His source of funds Personal Loans, Stock Market funds & His Father who does the running around.
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