Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mumbai Aamchich - Wonder if it will be released ?

I wonder if this Anti- North Indian marathi movie will be relaeased after the BMC elections.

“They have ruined the quality of life in Mumbai. They are dominating us Marathi people, who are the original inhabitants of this city, and are taking away our opportunities. I couldn’t remain a mute spectator, which is why I decided to produce this movie,” says Bansode, who wrote, produced, directed and acted in the movie.
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What Bansode is doing is wrong, but at times I wonder what would be the reaction of locals in Kerala, TN, Karnataka or West Bengal when they lose out to people from other states of India in jobs and other opportunity.

Will we have local version of this movie in every state of India by every angry local??

India needs to create to alteast 5-10 more Bombay's to solve this mega migration from UP, Bihar and other poorer parts of our country,