Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Understanding da Tribe M

One thing I've noticed is that once a Mallu (my tribe) gets a firm footing in any organization his next task is to get more people from his family, foster family, relatives, friends, enemies list. He then create the Mallu brigade which does the great Mallu politics and screws up the work culture for the benefit of others including other Mallus.
That means lower salaries, incentives and in-built super crab and an Indian work culture.
Companies like this coz this reduces costs and bosses love people who suck up to then and act as khabris for them.

Then you have the great Mallu pirv drive (Chanda, Varghani, collection Drive), Every mallu is usually part of Marthoma Church Fund, RC Church Fund, Jacobite Church Fund, Mosque Fund, Sabrimala Fund or the Amway.Gold Quest Schemes Fund.... He has a forced target collection of minimum 2000 Riyal or Dirhams for he will catch/con/physce/scare anyone irrespective of which his imaginary friend he believes in or trust his money with.

More dreadful than that is conning of a fellow Mallu by a smarter Mallu to join the Amway or Gold Quest Scam who then has the unholy task of conning 3 more guys in the chain.

The same things are applicable to Mallus all over including India some people like my Dad has dual memberships in Malayalee Samajam, Kerala Catholic Union and Ayyappa Seva Samiti ..

But having said that a Mallu will go out of the way even at his/her own expense to help you at times and genuine cases.

Keep the faith and share a drink with the Mallu.

This post is published to help the world understand and interact in a better manner for their own good and understand the Mallu tribe and its physce.