Monday, November 20, 2006

Scam or Real thing.

This mail is doing the rounds of all Email fwd groups in Gulf, The mail requests people to help Lil Pooja find her parents Munni & Raju from Nagaluppe. 
Mallus all over Kerala and the world have become Agent Scully & Moulder trying to Locate Nagaluppe & the kids parents.
They are investing on the Google, yahoo answers, orkut, mass email fwds, charismatic groups, collection funds, u name it...
I personally think this is a prank done by a Bored Techie, but then there is no money request or pray for her , the site doesn't even have Google Adsense.
I'm confused.. I hope Tehelka, Aj Tak & Asianet get on the bandwagon.