Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sat2's List

I think : There is no fuckin place  like my Bombay, my India .
I believe in : Shiva,Ganesh, Sai Baba, Christ,  Balaji, Ayyapa, Krsna, Humanity
I hate: Religious Zealots and will fight them all my life. I think think secularism is India's gift to the world.
I respect : People who are well read and stick to their principles( Ek Number & Do Number) & don't fear telling the truth.
I Look Back : When I worked all night in a catering company cleaning 200 glasses & plates and serving 500 guests   for 80 INR and still loved the job.
I salute  : My bro who delivered newspapers for 100 bucks per month dodging dogs n fuckall customers even while he was teaching computers to rest of the world in 1992.
I Love : People who have guts to marry the one they love irrespective of their religion,nationality, imaginary god etc
My hero's : My dad who came to Bombay with 2 and 1/2 Bucks & Hulk Hogan
My Funda : Koi kaam burra nahi hota jisse char aadmi ka fayda hota.
I thank : Friends who stood by me when I was hiding from my landlord for rent and trusted me with their monies on the Stock Market.
I saw God's man  : 1997, When I was stranded in Vidisha, MP without money or food for over 20 hrs, A Haji gave me Prasad at the Dargah and saved me.
I also love : People who speak their hearts out after a few drinks.
My Music : Hip-Hop, Remix, Panchyavadyam, Hindi bollywood, Arabic and any thing that makes u get up and dance.
My Anti-Portfolio : Over 3 million Rupees
My Gambling funda : I never bet in an India Match
Stock Market : Everyone hits a home run once... One shouldn't brag about it .
These things are scribbled over a few pegs of happiness... respect happiness :))