Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Street Fighters

Street Fighters, originally uploaded by mzsatish.

Shiv sena(Udhav Thackeray) & MNS (Raj Thackeray) group doing waht they do the best.. Street Battles.

Shiv Sena has over 40 years doing this while MNS is on new turf.
For those who came in late Shiv Sena fought Street Battles with Gujaratis, Madrasis, Dalits, Communists, Muslims, Bhaiyas and now they fighting among themselves.

I'm sure there might be many non maharashtrians watching this comedy and saying " I"m Lovin It"

As for me personally I wish they did the wresting in the Sardar Patel Wresting Stadium in Worli ..

They guys who are having the last laugh Narayan Rane, Ganesh Naik and Chaggan Bhujbal ...