Wednesday, October 04, 2006

DNA says Sorry

Hi guys, I just received the mail from Anuradha sengupta, the senior editor from DNA apologizing for the flick.
from my side I shall continue reading DNA and give them my pics whenever needed of course with due credit.
Here's the mail.
Dear Satish,
Hi. I bring out the Sunday city features page. I am really sorry about the incident. It isn't Laiq Qureshi who is at fault. I had taken that photo as a refererral -- and Laiq had been told to get the actual picture from IC Colony church authorities. I had thought if Laiq wasn't able to get the pic by the deadline, I'd use yours with your permisson. If he got the pic, I'd replace the picture on the page.
Laiq did get the photo the next day. It was even scanned. It was to be put on the page, but, ultimately, somehow got overlooked in the deadline chaos. Once again, I am profusely sorry about this. Believe me, it was completely unintentional. I never meant to plagiarise. It has happened to a close friend of mine whose entire portfolio of pix on Ladakh got put on the web by a friend of his under his own name. I'd never ever do that.
Anuradha Sengupta
Senior Editor, DNA