Sunday, September 03, 2006

Dattatreya Reopens :))

I loved eating Misal , Sabudana Vada & Piyush here ..He has a funy veg Samosa which I never figured out the taste. It was one of my favorite joints when I used to work in Shivaji Park.
Once am back will say hello to the guys there.. There is one Raddiwala there where I used to stand and read all the Comics and Magazine :)
I think Thackeray get 10 points for reviving it.

The other Cool Joints in the area are Saibini (Malwani Food), Fansikar, Yeti, Prakash, Aswad, Surti (Samosa & Alluvadi, chinese pattice), Oven Fresh and ofcourse the Frankiewala near Shivaji Park :))

I think Prakash Wagle should open a few outlets via the franchise method and chill-out on his retirement... Come to Dubai, Kai Manhtoss :))