Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Al Safa Juice Stall - Al Saad

This is place where I go for my daily breakers... I normally have the Hotdog, Omlette Sandwich, Sada Orange Juice or Cocktail...
All over the Gulf you will find small Juice Stalls like these which serves Sandwiches and Burgers at reasonable costs... 99% are run by Mallu Parters who share the responsibity of investments, cooking, delivery, accounts etc.

Also must try Cocktail Icecream Juice .

Sometimes I wonder why are these stalls not found in India ?

Al Safa Juice Stall
Fresh Fal-Fruits

Al Safa decor
Standard Must Have Decor in every Stall

Gyan @ Al Safa
That me giving some Gyan :)