Monday, June 05, 2006

Wah Mera India!!

Fardeen Khan buys 9 gms dope.
Arrested, Charged in 2001, Lagaoing Court ka Chakkar and now may face 5-10 yrs prison
Rahul Mahajan snort Dope n Champagne, Bibek dead, Rahul passes out, 3 suppliers/friends run all over the country, Cops & Media discover vital clues.
Rahul not charged, Admitted to Apollo, Medical report fudged, no dope all clean.
Fardeen & Rahul just trying to get high, The laws need to changed. 
I personally think that if Sadhus & Gurus in the name of penance and dharma can dope tons of Charas & Ganja and not be troubled then other citizens of my Great India snorting a few gms should be also get same respect.
Trivia -Its said only Bholenath could eat the Datura Seeds & I have respect for Lord Shiva coz he was cool and he can't be wrong!!!