Saturday, June 10, 2006

Taxi No 9211


Finally saw this super cool smooth movie yesterday in spite of having it on my Laptop for a long time.
A movie about a Crazy Taxi Driver and Amir Baap ka bhigda hua Beta, shot entirely in the city of Bombay.
Great performance by Nana, John was decent, Sonali Kulkarni looking bit raunchy and Sameera Reddy totally wasted.

Great music by Pentagram Vishal - Shekar.

My points 3.9/5

OATN : I saw Dharampaaji at Bombay Airport which checking in, he was like as filmy and down to earth waving at all who said hi and waved at him. Many construction workers heading to gulf to work in tough conditions did have a smile on their faces for a while, and yes I also felt happy that he waved at me
We are one united Filmy nation :)