Thursday, June 29, 2006

Producing & Starring in your own Bollywood movie.

Mansoor Quazi, a 27 year old from Birmingham, has plans to become the next Shah Rukh Khan. The ambitious fan intends to turn fantasy into reality by producing and starring in his own Bollywood film  and has started by raising seed finance on Ebay.
He has already raised 4000 Pounds. 
Investors in his ventures would own shares in the company as well as other benefits in return for their investment.
I wouldn't be surprised if people bid to become the villain, vamp, comedian, Rapist etc.

This venture reminds me of Laxmi's  brother's  similar venture for "Kal Raat"  seeking total amount of 20 Lakhs from Friends and Contacts for share in his venture.
I shall get an update and post on his progress.