Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mandavli time in Gujarat

Gujarat offers an olive branch to Aamir

So funny, I guess these guys were scared that Bollywood wud fuck their happiness and not show movies.
Gujarat has already gone nuts due to Booze being banned ,
Can you imagine the plight of these guys without booze and movies :))

I think Bollywood deserves a pat on the back for supporting Aamir and clarifying what he exactly meant.

For those who came in late : Aamir is supporting the rehab of the victims of the Narmada Dam and not the Narmada Dam construction.

Also Hrithik Roshan has written a long letter in support of Aamir


As for me personally I don't believe in Narendra Modi's policies on religion & anti- Muslim stand but I like his agendas on economic development and governance for his state.

This is what will happen in the next few weeks.
The entire film industry will fly down to Amdavad and do Jamboree Bollywood show with the CM as chief guest and Aamir will shake hands.... Puppy Shappy et al...

... After all we are a filmy nation :)