Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Tiger!!

Doha Cinema ticket, originally uploaded by mzsatish.

I saw a mallu movie in theatre after more than 16 years. Boredom makes you explore the unexplored.
The Tiger is a mallu masala movie full of action and general stunts.. played by Suresh Gopi ( ala Sunny Deol of the south)
The whole movie revolves around his heroics he bashes up goondas at will, says non stop dialogs, pulls up stunts at will in slow motion, shows his clicched fist to the baddes 'up urs jaisa'.
There are no songs.

Only In Kerala can an overweight 100 kg plus actor play a hero and get box office hits.

Somethings that unite mallus world over are Smokes, Booze, Politics, Mammotty & Mohanlal.

And yes we are Filmy!!