Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Rang De Carnival- IC Colony


IC Colony is the only place in place in Bombay which it think has Carnival.
I remember dressing up in weird costumes and fancy dress outfits and drinking to my fill at the Carnival.

It Earliar used to be held in the Recreation Ground, 206 Last Bus stop then moved to the School Ground.

I hope parties like Bajrang Dal be KhalliValli and make peace and enjoy with everyone.
Ironically the Bajrang Dal guy who stopped the New Year Ball event is an Ex student of St Francis D'Assisi.

Bombay needs more events, parties and happiness.

More about the carnival
The carnival, which is chiefly a Catholic affair, is celebrated at the end of Feb. It’s said that generations ago, in Goa, King Momo and Queen Mimi urged their Catholic subjects to celebrate during this time since March is a time of fasting for Catholics.