Sunday, March 05, 2006

Poona rocks!

After Bombay the only place I think I can live is Poona.
The reasons well there are many but primarily the night life...
check out why

Point to be noted milaard!! - 19 pubs and discotheques, of which six are open well beyond Mumbai’s absurd deadline.

Happening places
- Pallazzio, Fatima Nagar
- Ten Downing Street (TDS), Dhole Patil Road
- Fire and Ice, Kalyani Nagar
- Lush, Dhole Patil Road
- Soho, Kalyani Nagar Road
- Olas, Koregoan Park
- Leather Lounge, Camp area
- Nirvana, INOX, near Wadia College
- Caviar, Market Yard
- Go bananas, NIBM Road
- Zinx, near Wadia College
- Spinx, Koregoan Park

I wouldn't be suprised if soon Poona resembles Bahrain flooded and invaded by Saudis on weekends :)