Saturday, March 11, 2006

Journey of Anna - The Cutting Chaiwala

There are also Annas & Thambislike him who sell filter coffee and Nescafe and cigarettes during the night.

Most of these guys at times do multiple jobs like
a) Delivering Milk
b) Idli Dosa Vada Stall
c) Singhdana stall (usually run by the thambi in Half chadi)
d) Late Night Chai Coffee wala.

Dharavi means quick sand in English, its Asia's largest slum and now is one of the costliest area in Bombay thanks to the flourishing multicrore leather industry.

People still talk about Vardarajan Mudliar (Vardabhai) erstwhile the robinhood of Dharavi and his mammoth Ganpati Pandal.

My Dad in late 60's had spent sometime in Dharavi when he landed in Bombay .