Sunday, January 29, 2006

Me Hyper tagged!!

I've been tagged.... hyper tagged  rather by Jiby
6 Random facts about me
1. I'm a very friendly person and might even go outta way to help someone in need.
2. I love blogging and reading anything from VC's to comics and agony aunt columns.
3. I take all kinda risks in money investments, property, betting, lotto, Shares, futures, Commodity anything....
4. I admire people who go all out to pursue their dreams and ambitions and people who are well read.
5. I like Chicken Tikka with Schewan & Green Chutney & hate the Food served in tiny cups on flights..
6. I'm hopeful that I'll win the lotto one day!!
Other friends I would like to tag are Fiza, Cnb, Solzaire, Chirayu, Akshay , sherry !!
Go for it!!