Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Kati Patang in Bombay!!

Some common phrases to be used in kite flying, as the situation demanded (while locked in mortal combat with the enemy):
1. "Ghaseet teri jaath ki baida maaru!"
2. "Aye vinchu! kaapun taak tila. Aie jh*****iya!"
3. "Saala bhardol mein gaya re. Lagta hai black baarikh use kar raha tha woh"
4. "Abbe, pechh laga math. Woh hulcut double kanni baandha hai.. %^(#$$#$%%!!"

Couldn't stop posting this , via Desipandit.
An excellent post on kite-flying in Bombay - with such vivid and rich detail at All your base are belong to us!
As for me personally I'm not a expert kite flier but I can make kites and tie the Kanni properly, I never liked the idea of spending much on kites coz I found the Vada Pav a better option :)), but I used to be an expert Firki holder who could do high speed lapeting.