Friday, January 20, 2006

Babudom gets a dose of Sting.

I'm sure every one of us in some point in our life must have got the urge to club to death or publicly trash the rude and arrogant government staff in various departments.

Mostly the shady females who abuse and torture the helpless victims are ones who do the ugliest of the lot, like they say in Bombay "Usko dekhkar ulti bhi nahi karega"
I don't think the shady government staff ever smile...

One hero who decided to a Tehelka on the shady staff in Dombivali Tehsildar office and did it in style...

If you see anyone doing any atrocities on the citizens just take any mobile with or without camera and just point it towards them... "Abhi Bol"..... Capture it and send it to Aj Tak, CNNIBN or apna Mid-Day or DNA..

Its high time our nation of 60 million mobile phones decided to capture all the scams and shady behavior done on a daily basis by the government staff and publicly shame them....

I don't mind starting a blog to hosting all these Pics or MMS 24/7 Live in my small effort to bring accountability and reduce corruption in India .

Also wanted to add, there are some wonderful people in government departments who do have a clean heart and will out of the way to help and you tend to wonder is this for real or am I dreaming.