Saturday, January 21, 2006

Baba Scooter - India's reply to Razor Scooters!!

While going for lunch I saw this kid in Lower Parel who has a really cool scooter . Baba Scooter is Apna desi answer to the Razor Scooters, Using old SKF Bearings as front wheel and old trolley wheel as rear and some old plywood pieces this guy had made himself mobile. Total cost would have been under 20 bucks the foreign Razor scooters cost atleast 3-4k.

I think a decent scooter can be made from 3 old stumps, 2 as base and 1/2 as handle, use well greased SKF bearings for front & back wheels, the bearings are free wheel types so when your reverse its brakes. Should be a nice toy for millions of kids who cant afford hi-funda toys n gizmos.


I think no-body recycles like we Indians do, even our bloody jokes are recycled.
more on that on another post...

Finally would like to add The Kid in the pic in a lambe race ka Ghoda!!