Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Pappu Kalani : Hero of Ulhasnagar

Suresh alias Pappu Kalani, MLA, Ulhasnagar lobbied and saved the illegal homes in Ulhasnagar... 1,00,000 middle class junta saved!!
I think he is the first guy who tried to do something for this tribe.... there will always be politicos who will fight for Dalits, Zoppadpattis, SC/ST, Advasis, poor & oppressed coz of their vote bank...
Though I don't agree that illegal constructions must be saved but in a city where FSI is 1.2 and Slums who contribute nothing in taxes to the government or municipality could be regularized then these middle class dwellings can also be saved.

I wonder what will happen in Delhi now, will they cite Ulhasnagar examples and regularize it ??

Also Pappu Kalani has got himself virtually elected for the next elections.

Mumbai Mirror writes about da man.
The men who saved Ulhasnagar