Monday, November 28, 2005

Priceless Old Tickets, Post Cards, Time Tables .

I'm sure all of you must have collected the most ridiculous of things during the kiddo years . Things I used to collect include Stamps, Coins, Bus tickets, Train Tickets, Beer Bottles (to sell), Miniature booze bottles, Marbles,  Stickers, Billas (bottle caps(Thumsup, Gold Spot, Canon Beer), Chocolate Wrappers (Cadburys Choco-mania time), Pencils.
I must have wasted at least a good few years in collating all of them only to see my mom sell all of them to the Bhangarwala or give it to the Bhangi...
What made me write this post, Well I got a mail for Jay about Old Trains Ticket Collection by Senthil.
Jay's mail...  

Just an heads up on some priceless scans of old tickets, post cards,
time tables and other memorabilia of GIPR, BB&CIR, NWR and EIR
submitted to us by Senthil Kumar can be found here:

- Jay