Monday, November 21, 2005

Filmy PublicSITY ka Naya Funda - Nakli Blog's

Filmy Promo karne ka naya funda.. nakli Blogging :))
Tie up wid a famous portal, get a designer baccha, create a template, Get a few talented filmy journos to fill-in da blanks and create innovative hype and controversy ... results = PUBLICITY and millions scanning & probing the site for masala and gossip.
Prakash Jha and Rediff have done an innovative Ad cum Chu Campaign by harnessing the power of  Blogosphere. There will always be filmy bloggers like me in this nation of a billion people who will anyways do publicity either good or bad for the movies that Bollywood dishes out.
Check out the nakli blogs created for Aprahan.. 
There is no business like Show Biz, I wish Blogworld is absorbed into it :))
I hope producers ask me to review movies and paste the pics and clips on my blog, apan Filmy hai kuch bhi kar sakta hai kya!!
As for me I'll watch Aparhan, Prakash Jha makes nice movies :))