Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Diwali puja in my house....

Diwali puja in my house....
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I liked Akshay's words on Diwali

"Diwali to my mind is basically a giant nationwide form of house cleaning

for a very esteemed VIP guest, a certain goddess of wealth"

So true..

As for me After the Pooja, I did the Muhurat Trading on the Sensex between

18:05 and 19:20 on ICICI and tru my broker friend KK....

And then caught up with some friend and more sweets and laddooos... had to

eat a Pani-Puri to get rid to the sweet taste :))

Since I had free sms wishing all my loved ones and friends was easy though

I'm still to get delivery reports... courtesy Reliance...

I never liked the sutli bombs but I like bursting it under a dabba, another

thing I liked was the Snake Goli.. one light and it grew and rose like a

dark phoenix from the ashes :))

BTW didja notice the MUNCH among da fruits and prasad kept by my Mummy...

I never liked Delhi, but the fight back shown by Delhi and its people has

made me its fan.... My apologies to the Dilwala Seher ..Salaam Delhi :))