Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bhikhari Inc. (Market Cap 276 Crore)

I never give any alms to beggars... no matter how injured or dirty or handicapped they are. many years ago I saw a beggar washing out his boot polish and wearing decent clothes after his daily routine of begging, he removed his costumes and was giving himself a face wash with a Lifebuoy soap then took a Rickshaw, I guess to some Bar or Pub.
Begging is one of the most organized industry in Bombay, Its ISO 9005 for sure.

Some simple economics on the flourishing Industry.
E.g. One spot Railway Station : Borivali (w).

Beggar ProfileRoleAvg Revenue Per 10 min Per hourMorning Shift (7:30 -10:30)Evening Shift (18:30- 19:30)TotalMonthlyYearly
8 femalesPounce on alighting Rickshaws.106018060240720086400
6 childrenrandomly scattered5309030120360043200
2 leperssitting in corners5309030120360043200
2 FakirsBoys with Dhoop63610836144432051840
2 girls Girls with Gods Photo frame63610836144432051840
One Spot2.76
Total Spots in Bombay10000
27600 Lakhsor276 Crores

Public give money to Beggars, Each Beggar reports to the platform or Gully Leader who appoints or fires or transfers his agents, they are either on his payroll or have to pay him hafta, The Gully leader reports to the Local Chota Bhai, This Chota bhai reports to the Local Police station in his jurisdiction and the Local Corporators, The Local Coporators reports to the MLA, The MLA reports to the Big Bhai in Dubai, The MLA is a Public Serventand is elected by the same public who finance the Bhikahri's.

In short Sab Golmaal hai bhai!!

So the next time you meet a beggar or fakir think twice, give him some fruits or food, money is the last thing one should do....
this also reminds me of a joke...When ever a Beggar meets another Beggar or Whenever a Software Engineer meets another Software Engineer..

They ask each other the same thing... On which platform r u working ?