Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sensex follow up....

I had posted few a tips on 7th June' 2005

Bole tho 91% return in 3 months, not bad na!!

Sensex is at an all time high and the moods all around are mixed, some expecting a deadly correction, some expecting a long bull run... My take is too book profits and limit your greed, keep money for the correction, invest in future technology sectors like Oil, Power and Infrastructure.

Some friends ask me at times WTF do I share info with people who you know will for sure forget to thank you for your efforts.... Well I agree partially with'em.... but then I have even crazier friends like KK and ABC who share and discuss news and analysis at great personal risk with me for no hidden motives or gain.
I guess its karma what goes around comes around..

Btw a part of the profits made in bull run will go to Charity and Alcohol research :)