Monday, September 19, 2005

Kumar Mangalam: The biggest Birla

The world number one in viscose staple fibre; the world's largest single-location palm oil producer; Asia's largest integrated aluminium producer; a globally competitive, fast-growing copper producer; the world's third-largest producer of insulators; globally the fourth-largest producer of carbon black; the world's eighth-largest producer of cement and the largest in a single geography; India's premier branded garments player; among India's most energy efficient private sector fertiliser plants; India's second-largest producer of viscose filament yarn; the number two private sector insurance company and the fourth-largest asset management company in India.
Paichaan Kaun???
Kumar Birla
He is Kumar Manglam Birla
I've always had great respect for the Birla's, My Dad spent 23 years of his life working in Birla Cement ubtil he got VRS... feels like apnaich koi has rocked the world :))