Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hum bhi dekh lenge!

Thackeray' war of words with Rane.

Highlights :
While addressing Sainiks from Rane’s Sindhudurg district, Thackeray used what he proudly calls, Thackeri (street-language that is generally below the belt) and called Rane a variety of names.

These included: bhadwa (pimp), dedhfutya (referring to his short stature), vasoolmantri (extortion minister), phurse (poisonous snake) and a mad dog.

But there was more as the Sena backbenchers hooted through all this name-calling. Thackeray then said Rane couldn’t have children as he hadn’t got an erection in 10 years.

Rane keeps talking about his 39-year-service in the Sena. Why is he stressing so much on saal (bark of a tree)? If you cannot have a child for the last 10 years, despite efforts, is that something to be proud of? Uthatach nahi tar kase honar? (If can’t get an erection, how will you have a child?) Rane joined the Congress for power.

He is now Revenue Minister and wants to become the CM. You are a guest in the house for just one day and you want the owner’s wife to sleep with you? How can he allow that?


Rane, who recently quit the Sena, said he would ‘return the compliments.’ “I am not in Mumbai, but I have accepted the challenge and I shall answer him. Just wait for a couple of days!” he said.

Rane's reply should be fun.....

Watch this space, this is entertaining stuff :))