Sunday, July 10, 2005

Who says barter system is dead??

Every Sunday the local Khariwala comes to my house carrying his huge metal box on his head.
We buy the regulation lot of Khari, Toast(Rusk), Butter (not amul butter), sweet sticks and Nan Khatai for the week..
most of the stuff is 14/15 bucks for pav kilo (1/4 kg)
I asked him if the barter system was still in place, you could trade old aluminum and copper and get the goodies worth its weight.... he says its still in place :)) 
When we were kids, we  used  to collect old Colgate paste tubes smash them and scan for copper,aluminum scraps and wait eagerly for the Khariwala chacha.
I think I have lotsa scrap on my loft, will trade for the sweet sticks :))
Pictorial Gyaan 
Sweet Sticks
Nan Khatai
Masala Khari
Rusk/ Toast
As I'm blogging this, A visiting family friend is in splits and laughing non stop on hearing my Dad's antics. As a good gesture my Dad gifted a kasti ( Indian Undie) to Tikka Maharaj ( a baba who does pooja and is a political fixer). My dad had got this kasti for is yoga class which he never used... my dad left yoga classes in a week  coz they were making him do all arbit leg folding exercises....
All  Maharaj's and Baba have never learnt to say no :))