Sunday, July 31, 2005

The real Bombay Rockers - Da Tapoori's

What's the first thing that comes in your mind when you think of Tapoori's of Bombay??
nuisance value, eve teasing anti social elements , abusive n loud,fit for nothing moolchand eaters who find Salman khan cool and his item girls raapchik.....

I've heard, read and overheard many incidents of the exemplary acts of courage,selflessness and presences of mind of these very tapooris from saki-naka, marol, goegaon, dombivali, bhiwandi, kurla, powai, Gandhi nagar, vikroli park site, vakola, kalina, kurla, Borivali, dahisar, dattapada, poinsur....

The tappori were part of the infinite Mirta Mandals, Rahivashi Sangh's, youth groups and Mohalla committees from the infinite Basti's,Building's, zoppadpaati's and chawl's that are spread out across the city and its suburbs..

Some of the things that these guys did

  • formed human chains to guide public through the flooded water
  • swam n saved kids and old people
  • warned people about manholes, gutters and nallah's by placing warning ropes and using sticks and bamboos to steers and probe for manholes
  • bashed up taxi drivers who were fleecing public
  • stopped every possible vehicle to ferry more people to their destinations
  • mobilized more volunteers who in turn got more for the fielding and volunteer work
  • distributed drinking water to the thirsty
There are many more such stories of ordinary Bombayites which need to be chronicled and be recognized by the people of this city of hope and dreams, So that whenever we face nature's fury in the future it shouldn't be as bad as it was this time.

We need to tell the politicians that we can do very well without you, and please don't even fucking think about coming for my vote for the BMC elections.
SS,BJP,NCP,Congress .. ... My Middle finger salute to you

Pic courtesy Sai's Bindass Bol.