Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Ragdawalla outside Maratha Mandir

Outside Maratha mandir, Bombay Central there is this shady, sleazy looking, not so appealing stall which sells the most amazing 'veg ragda chana' and 'dahi vadas'

the contents of the ragda chana are

boiled kabuli chana
hot ragda wid potatoes chunks
cummin,pepper masala
mirch masala
mustard oil
saffron colored mix spices n masalas
tamarind chutney
meetha chutney
theeka chutney
lotsa onion

The way he makes is damn cool, he takes some boiling hot Kabuli chanas from the stove, pours some gravy, slices the big aloo pieces then puts some yellow watana then puts the chutneys, all spices, lil mustard oil, mixes it in styles and then put lotsa onions and coriander n pudina then cleans the bowl from the sides and hands it over...

All served in a China bowl fullto upto da brim, ekdum yummy hot n spicy.... total paisa vasool, cost wonly 5 bucks!!!

warning : not recommended for the weak stomachs and people who swear by the Frangipani and Taj

trivia about Maratha Mandir - This theatre has been playing Dilwale Dulhaniya le jayenge for the last 500 weeks, past 8-10 years and still continues to play..... the tickets are really cheap under 25 bucks.....
Often used by couples and people having affairs for total privacy at unbeliavable costs..... Where else will you get A/c facilty and privacy at the cost of a Moosambi juice :)) and also you can check mail for free at the Reliance internet kiosk :))