Monday, July 04, 2005

The Power of 10!!

When I was in college (Mithibai), my dad used to give me 10 bucks as pocket money after carefully checking whether accidentally he hasn't given 2 tenners. I had my own saving of 2-5 bucks, but Dus ka patti is wot I got....
So over the years I've mastered the art of doing this with 10 Bucks, here are a few of 'em I would like to share  :))
  • 2 vada pav (Rs 8) + nimbu sherbet (Rs 2)
  • 5 jhatpat lottery or 1 Playwin Thunderball Lotto
  • One Ragda with extra mirchi with 4 Pavs mixed with Theeka & meetha Chutney (Rs 7) and One Kashimiri MAsala Soda (3 Bucks)
  • 2 single kebab Pav with lotsa onions and green rocket chutney with pudina to eat.
  • Breakfast at Cafe Bharat (Rs 8) (Menu changes daily idli, dosa, upda, vada, poha with tea)
  •  Rent a pirated VCD tell him abhi copy karke lata hoon  
  • 1 Falooda or 2 Fruit Salads at the local Mewad Icecream Wala.
  • 3 glasses of chilled masala pudina buttermilk outside Parla Station (e)
  • 100 gms Aloo Vadi (patra) + 100 gms of Dhokla at any Farsan Shop with extra papaya chutney, mirchi and orange chutney.
  • 1 total tel body massage at Juhu beach, don't ask him for sabh kuch else he will start doing something shady.
  • 5 old Phantom comics/ 2Archies  from the local Bhangarwala.
  • Infinite goodies and useful stuff at the Kuch bhi Uthaao stalls on the Roads of Churchgate, Fountain and VT.
  • 2 Dabelis from the local dabliwala
  • one sada dosa and one single vada from the local dosawala
  • One grand samosa Bhel from Anupam bhel, Kalbadevi
  • 1 ride on the merry go round or 2 in the wooden ghoda gaadi at Juhu.
  • 1 midd-day, one ET,one Bhav Copy and one Gold Flake on a boring day.
  • 10 bucks you can tip the waiter to get a vantage seat in the Ladies Bar.
  • 10 bucks is enough to cheer up apna local traffic pandu.
  • 2 masala pavs ( usually when you don't have money for the Pav Bhaji)
  • rent a cycle for 2 hours
  • HAve a plateful of assorted fruits (mango,papaya,chiku,banana, watermelon,pine apple) in Nariman Pt, Vt, Fort, ChurchGate area.
  • watch a movie at a pirated video parlour
  • play 5 games of Matka at your local adda or 2 games of Carroms at your local carrom club
  •  play 10 games of Contra/Mario on the Antique Videogame outside shady joints.
  • 2 ek sau bees, hari patti, bhola pakka, hari patti, elachi Mawa and one Meetha Pan
  • 30 mins in a Cyber Cafe
  •  Travel 6 kms on the top deck of a Double Decker BEST bus and put your feet outside the window
Feel free to add your ideas of what one can do with Ten Bucks!!!
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