Friday, May 06, 2005

Kya kool hai hum :))

Many people ask me friends and not so great souls "yaar tu kabhi ghussa nahi hota kya"... I say hota hai kabhi kabhi...thoda time ke liye hota hai in the heat of matter or just my immediate reaction...
What do I do?? do I get even or fcuk the person's happiness.. well no... These are something which I find so 1987 kinda stuff.... I guess in today's world of AOL... wtf is dat... that's art of living... I normally try to discover humour in every situation, do a due diligence and do a post mortem of every situation, give the culprit the benefit of the doubt...  be a good listener, hear out, not jump to conclusions and then use the great mantra "Dil Dariya G### samundar" and inculcate forgiveness... I guess forgiveness sounds too godly something on those lines... or get yourself bribed to a treat or free drink :))
"One who travels light travels the farthest" - Old Zen saying.
So I guess one shouldn't burden one self with unnecessary baggage like jealousy, contempt,  extra pride ,envy, anger
covetousness... wow, I guess if we are able to get a few of this we all be known as the Enlightened One... wid a Halo or a Bulb over our head :))
Disclaimer : 'any resemblance between the characters herein and real persons living or otherwise is purely coincidental'  :))