Thursday, May 12, 2005

It Sockss!!

While shifting to my new place a big packet of Socks juss vanished, There was chaos in my house and a search warrant had to be issued my dad, mom and me all trying to trace the missing socks. Finally I decided fuck it, ... Idea!!! I can borrow socks from my friend Amol who happened to be in town at the right moment to catch a train to Bangalore.
I went to work like a Bhaiyya, psued shoes wid no socks... thought of buying a pair at Borivali station but no shop was open. The good Samaritan that Amol is, got a pair of socks for me , I wore them in office.
Then my dad knowing my great ability to forget reminded me to buy some socks. I go to Asiatic, the dept. store in Churchgate.. the salesman showed all kinda stupid socks from adidas to Ulhasnagar ka maal ... all freaking expensive 100-150 per pair, he also offered me a discount pack of 3 for 300..... Stuff was good but no point buying it if your are gonna lose it or it vanishes into oblivion ... I tell him "I'll be back"
There is a hawker outside the Churchgate subway..... I buy 6 pairs for 90 bucks!!

I always wonder where all the socks of the world must be hiding??