Monday, May 09, 2005

Book Wallah's fight on.. hum tumare saath hai!!

I feel really bad for the book sellers in Fountain,Oval Maidan area whom the BMC is driving away due to some High Court order, These guys were always a part of the Bombay we all know, where else could you get the Da Vinci Code for 50 Bucks or the Harry Potter series for 200 bucks. I think this is all part of the biggies Oxford, Crossroads and Magna who want these guys out of business who really make a great impact on their bottom line.
I will not buy books from Oxford or Crossroads as a mark of protest..... Maybe if I get some book free I may change my mind :))
BMC guys also don't deserve any baksheesh for spoiling n trampling the books.

Here's what Mid-day has to say
Hawkers' novel idea: a books-only zone