Monday, May 09, 2005

Back in da colony

2 days widout the internet connection and I was feeling like I'm in the stone age... just moved to a new house in I.C Colony, Borivali, a place where I lived since childhood. The house is kinda mess as if some tornado hit our house... Infinite raddi paper and furniture left behind by the earlier owner... I have to clean up the mess and set my things...
The new internet connection from Pacenet is damn good 64 kbps unlimited at 925 bucks,
At work tomorrow I have to outline a plan to my team to push our sales. I'm working on the draft model as of now :))
My Dad has been drinking beers non stop since last 2 days, and has been greeting all my childhood friends and then asking what is their name... I guess local amnesia has taken another victim.

I intend to make my room really cool and wacky, some cool amplifier connections,wacky compy trolley, FM radio, etc etc... not much ideas though... suggestions are always welcome...

Also I have a few furniture that the previous owner has left behind, lemme know if anyone wants them.