Sunday, April 17, 2005

Met our brothers from across da border.

I was at a Rotaract event for the felicitation of my friend Veena who has been elected the DRR (chief) of the Bombay Dist, met a few Pakistanis who came on an exchange visit. As part of an on going process between the clubs in India & Pakistan.
There were 5 Pakistani in the team, Drawn from different professions one businessman, one lawyer, one ad man, one shahid afridi look alike and last one I don't remember, all were really cool and very much at ease with us. Absolutely no negative vibes about any of them, I guess its da first time I hugged any Pakistani and also smoked a Pakistani Cigarette (Gold Leaves) taste very much like our Gold Flake.
Their crib was we send only our Software Programmers who I agree are not the best people to talk to. Maybe we should send our DJ's, yoga n reiki gurus, entrepreneurs, Item Bombs, Investments Managers, NEAT/BOLT dealers, Dabbawallahs etc.. our spectrum of Indians crazy yet lovable :))
There is an air of cautious optimism on both sides, lets do our bit for people to people contact.. I'm gonna write to them, create some online groups,shares ideas, views and crazy forwards on a regular basis....
I guess its a nice thing when the Governments on both sides realize the peace dividend.
My simple equation would be 1 Army tank = 10,000 schools , tell me which is better in the long run for south Asia.

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