Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I've beome a fan of the CPI (marxist)

communist party of india (marxist)

Why suddenly...
Some of the reasons why I find it cool is

They are a party with really strong principles
They have solid reasons n real issues to talk about in the parliament.... the aam aadmi issues
They don't do Rath Yatras or Trishul Diksha Diwas or Chintan Baithak or Maha Yagna to save India's Problems.
They don't kill fellow Indians to grab votes.
They aren't called hinduhridaysamrats or Loknayaks, They are called Comrades.
Comrade Prakash Karat is the new G.S and looks like he is gonna kick ass.
His Wife Com. Brinda Karat is one of the most beautiful and intelligent women politicians in India.
I think its high time India had an alternative to the Congress and BJP.
I think Che Guevara and Fidel Castro had real guts to take on da Yankees

They also have some bad points, more on that later..