Thursday, April 07, 2005

Cham Cham Bars

Though I dont find the idea of Ladies bars cool, the governments undue intrests in da ladies bars prompted me to post my rants and ramblings on the issue.. more on that later...

NIght LOver NL.....

This was one of the most happening places, will it open or not is all a big question??

One of the best ladies Bars in Bombay, Night lovers, opp Leela, Anderi(E).
Beer - 350 bucks
Waiters are well behaved compared to other places ( they dont stand in front you wid da gimme more face)

It frequented by most of the IT n BPO companies and Females also come at times.
I think its the only ladies bar in India to have a website
and it also have some dance numbers by its best dancing gurls

more gyan
My Freind Cnb has started a new group Sigfood - The Fine Wining & Dining Network

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