Thursday, January 27, 2005

Rickshaw! Hate em or like em... Ignore... no way!!!!!!!!!

You can hate them, like them but cant just ignore them.. the rickshaws... I love talking to them n sharing views on anything from mythology to cricket to elections in UP/Bihar... most of them are well read n aware and the best guides on latest music n ladies bars in the city and food places in places you never imagined.

Auto drivers of Bombay rock any day.. Bangalore sucks big time.. maha chodus they are!!
my post just appeared on this cool blog for rickshaw in south Asia :))
this is what they say about the blog

This blog collects the poetry, phrases, expressions, and words found on the back of Rickshaws.

The Rickshaws (auto-rickshaws, cycle rickshaws, jinrikshaws), minibuses, trucks and other commercial vehicles of South Asia are moving works of art. Much has been made of the colorful paint jobs they sport. The poetry that decorates them has often been collected. But the inscriptions on the back of Rickshaws are also an expression of the uncensored id of South Asia.