Sunday, December 12, 2004

Musafir is a definite dekko!!

If you thought this was a sequel to Kaante, then you are wrong.... This is a high speed violatile action movie about a few Cooolios Baddies Billa(SD),Lucky(AK) and a perverted husband  Luca (MM). Anil kappor in his new coolio avatar and waxed body has been betrayed big time by his girl, and is hunted by the druglord Sanju Baba and the Goa coolie cop (AP). This movie could well be the anthem & promo material for Goa tourism as its has all that one can ask for Rave music, flea markets,Bikes, Booze,firang skin, Israelis druggies n hippies and smooth locations.  
Good music and decent dance n skin acts by sameera reddy and koena mitra.
The best acts are definitely by Gold teeth Sanju baba who seemed to have improved upon his baddie roles since his phone calls wid chota Shakeel ... and his dialogs wid refrence to the Films was fun.
Mr India anil kappor and Aditya PAncholi have also done a decent job.
Overall inspite of no major story or motive but for excellent direction and smooth contiuation wid no pakaogiri and no ladkichali dialogs I give it 3.5/5 :)

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