Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Mid-week bluez!!!

aaaaaaahhhh.......its really shady I updated to MS office 2003 and I cant post on da blogs via mail..

I think I’ll move back to office 2000 coz every time I have to post I have to log onto and then post ... and HTML formatting is damn painful.. there are other ways to get around it but its a time taking and back breaking process :):)

Now that the markets seems to have forgotten the Ambani feud, I'm optimistic that 7000 is not far away !!!

The joke doing da round is Anil Ambani saying to Mukesh.... " Mere paaas Maa bhi hai aur Amitabh b hai""........ filmy family... :))

I've juss started reading da Da Vinci code... reading damn slowly.... actually no time to read it.. also have a movie to watch.. Passion of Christ... no time to watch dead tired by da time I get home...

was thinking about the things I need to do..
a) adventure sports
b) get a digicam