Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Da day Baazee bahar nikla!!

I've never understood what games people play... Or maybe I'm not good at understanding people or their motives...I guess everyone has experiences where you've been at the receiving end of some major politicos game in life or at office..
I guess I've grown past it to worry about it, doesn't bother me anymore emoticons, commitment, all da jazz is all crap..... I guess there can be only one Gandhi and one Dr. Martin Luther King, I shouldn't try emulating any of 'em.

Some games I did today sold Centurion Bank, Berger paints.
Bought 3 sikkim thunder ball lotto.. the big game is of 4.5 Crores... the first thing I'm gonna do is call the credit card fuckers and tell them to come n take da outstanding dues back....

Christmas is in the air, I really miss the fun at I.C. Colony (a place I earlier used to live). I used to look forward to the games n celebrations we had in our colony. I remember we guys used dress up some member of our gang as Santa wid some red ghagra and red shirt as we couldn't afford Santa's costume or I think we had no idea where we would get it from. We used to go house to house singing to collect money from people saying its for charity & for poor people living in the shivaji nagar slums and the money collected was was spent on our grand party ( read beer n chicken n ice cream for below 10yrs of age) and the annual bats n stumps. I don't know whether the kids of today are as evil as my friends were... I guess they are more into MMS pondy.... We had moral science as a subject, I guess they have moral sex.....

laterz regular reader is eagerly awaiting my daily dose of gyan :)

and yes da Baazee CEO got bail and is currently out of jail...past 24 hours he must have surely been thinking about the MMS for company.