Friday, November 26, 2004

Veer-Zara - had a dekko yesterday

Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Preity Zinta & Rani Mukherjee. 
I saw it yesterday....Decently done movies was not pakao as expected... really good music.... I give it 4/5 maybe coz I'm filmy.
Music is really cool... Yash chopra is cashing in on the Indo-pak friendly atmosphere :):)
Overall the movie was nice but there were some observations I made....
  • both veer n zara survive bus accidents... co-incidence or stupid writing
  • the Pakistani judge has Natraj pencils on his desk... talk about Indian exports.
  • Amit and Hema malini's Ishq but be surely worrying Dharam paaji
  • there was absolutely no policemen guarding veer in the court a prisoner in custody for 22 yrs, and he ends up doing a song n  dance sequence in the court :):) 
  • Pakistanis are even more filmy than Indians