Thursday, November 25, 2004

Bhai ka naya avatar!!!

AB new bhai roles... da man rocks  da shit out of the SRKs,Sallus n Pillus of the industry.
An early peek into the dons of the new era ( mid-day 23-11-04)

Rajkumar SantoshiÂ’s Family

He is: The head of a large business house that has involvements in various nefarious activities.

His group is presently warring against another family-run firm (apparently led by Akshay KumarÂ’s character)

The look: Smokes a long cigar, sports Men In Black dark shades, suits of light shades and facial hair thatÂ’s a cross between stubble and a beard.

Will enter cinemas: August 2005

Ram Gopal VarmaÂ’s Sarkar

He is: A powerful political law-into-himself, a non-constitutional patriarch whose writ runs virtually in the entire city of Mumbai.

A character rumoured to be based on Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray

The look: Red ‘tikka’ on the forehead, gold-rimmed spectacles, black kurta, well-trimmed goatee and relatively unkempt salt-n-pepper hair

Will enter cinemas:
August-September 2005